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Link Snax

A new range of rice & peanut crackers marketed as a healthier alternative to crisps. Designing both the branding and packaging, as well as the concept of a ‘kick’ of flavour from initial concept stage to final art including the printing process for direct printing onto a plastic container. The bright colour coding makes it stand out on shelves and the large window allows the consumer to see what they are getting. 

DB Cosmetics
Five new products designed from concept stage to finished art including branding and packaging. Retouched and digitally mocked-up, including Twist and Go Instant Nail Polish Remover, Pore Minimising Primer, Lash Primer and Absolute Eyeliner.

Swisspers Spa Wipes

A bright new range of facial wipes for Swisspers aimed at the 25 - 40 year old market. Using existing branding colours, to link it to the original more traditional packaging, but giving it a rejuvenated and fresher feel for the new sub-brand.


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